force NOUN 1) physical strength or energy as an attribute of action or movement. 2) Physics an influence tending to change the motion of a body or produce motion or stress in a stationary body. 3) coercion backed by the use or threat of violence. 4) mental or moral strength or power. 5) a person or thing regarded as exerting power or influence. 6) an organized body of military personnel, police, or workers. 7) (the forces) Brit. informal the army, navy, and air force.
VERB 1) make a way through or into by force. 2) push into a specified position using force. 3) achieve or bring about by effort. 4) make (someone) do something against their will. 5) (force on/upon) impose (something) on. 6) artificially hasten the development or maturity of (a plant).
force someone's hand — Cf. ↑force someone's hand
force the issue — Cf. ↑force the issue
in force — Cf. ↑in force
DERIVATIVES forceable adjective forcer noun.
ORIGIN Old French, from Latin fortis 'strong' .

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